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LY-LP-02 Low Speed Handpiece Kit
Name£ºLY-LP-02 Low Speed Handpiece Kit
Categories£ºLow Speed Handpiece
Time£º2014-6-27 17:54:39
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Simple Description
Dental product china low speed handpiece dentist equipment tool supply
Model No.: LY-LP-02
Category: low speed handpiece
Unit: contra angle, straight head, air motor

Detailed Description
LY-LP-02 Low Speed Handpiece Kit

- unique appearance design and fluent outline
- external or internal water spray
- wrench or push button contra angle, straight head, air motor
Optional Configuration:
. Latch bolt (latch type) ------ contra angle
. Cartridge for angle handpiece ------ contra angle
. Shaft of contra angle ------ contra angle
Technology Data:
. Working pressure: 0.3mpa-0.35mpa
. Bur applicable: 2.335-2.355mm
. Turn speed: 20.000-30.000 turn/min
. Resistant to high temperature disinfection 135°C
. Noiseless ≤70dB
Air motor----LY-M-02
1.  1: 1 Direct Drive
2.  Midwest 4 hole/ Borden 2 hole
3.  Max speed 22, 000 RPM
Straight head---LY-S-02
1.  For HP burs (Dia 2.35)
2.  Non-Optic
3.  Spray Nozzle
Contra angle---LY-W/P-02
1.  ISO E-Type External Water Spray
2.  1: 1 Direct Drive
3.  For contra angle burs (Dia 2.35)
4.  Latch type
5.  18,000 to 22,000 r.p.m adjustable
6.  Spray nozzle
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